Rough idle bad alternator

Rough idle bad alternator

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A failing alternator will start to make a loud whining noise at idle, and the whining noise will increase with engine speed. Bad alternator sound can be confused with bad power steer pump noise. How to tell bad alternator noise vs. power steering noise? The alternator noise is not as loud as the power steering pump. Recently my 5.3L has been giving a rough idle on cold start only, no drivability issues. It starts fine, goes to 900/1000RPM as usual and after a few seconds it starts to stumble. The RPMs drop to 500 and bounces to 700 for a few seconds, 5-10 maybe. Then it slowly starts to clear out.

If not, there is a bad wire under the fuse block to the battery; it should have constant power at one terminal. Chrysler engineers used 8-AWG wiring from the alternator and 6-AWG for the starter and the If the problem is better (rough idle or low idle), safe bet the throttle position sensor is the issue...

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Sep 10, 2009 · I am guessing that your rough idle comes from an injector or exhaust gas issue -- that could include O2 sensors, the MAP sensor, the MAF sensor, etc. Good luck and if you figure it out please let me know.

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Nov 10, 2016 · The rough engine RPM only happens at idle. When I connect my Enginuity scan tool, it confirms that the engine goes into Idle when the rough RPM occurs. As soon as I touch the throttle, the RPM stabilizes and it runs as smooth as ever at any RPM. I was able to capture the spark advance plot when the engine runs rough and it does correlate with ...

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